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Contest Results!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 1, 2014, 9:53 AM

Reptile category

1st place goes to.. Devin Duchi[:icongeckoprince:] for their amazing work of Merlin!



Second place goes to Froggy’s Foster Liz [joulesburn] for their interesting piece which includes Persian, Celosia, Merlin, and Rosemary!


Third place goes to Chelsea Ashton for her beautiful artwork of little Kelent!



Misc category

First place goes to aphnorways for their awesome art of KC in human form. :D



Honorable mentions





Thank you to all who entered! I hope to host another contest sometime in the future once it gets warmer again and there are more youngyins ready to find their forever homes.

Now I’ll need to request that all the winners message me with proof that you are able to care for your future little friend when you are able to.

Art Contest!

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 3, 2014, 8:13 PM

Alright it’s time for the thing..! So here’s what’s going to happen, I’m going to have two categories for this, miscellaneous, and reptile.

How things will work/prize
The prize for this contest will be one live leopard gecko from our for sale section. [shipping not included] and there will be three winners for each category.
First place will get one free gecko of their choice.
Second place will get 50% off a gecko of their choice.
Third place will get 30% off a gecko of their choice.

Pickings will still be on a first come first serve basis though first place from each category will still be able to pick first before the others. If there is not a gecko you like right now, you may hold onto your discount for a future gecko. It will not expire~!

1. You may submit up to two entries for each category. [ Giving you four entries ]
2. If you enter, it would be appreciated if you also share to help get this around.
3. If you win, you must be able to pay shipping and be able to properly care for the gecko and provide proof that you can do so. I retain the right to disqualify any contestants who cannot properly care for this specialized animal.
4. You must be of 18 years or older or get parents permission to enter!
5. You must be within the United States to enter! I cannot ship outside the US.[also no Hawaii or Alaska.]
6. To enter you can either send your submission through the following links.. FaceBook   Tumblr  DeviantArt
7. Must be alright with my posting the works onto the other sites to update with the contestants. Credit will be given of course and if provided with a link to a deviant art profile or such, it will be included.
8. Please keep entries appropriate and of a pg-13 rating! [from now on]
9. Artwork submitted must be of your own doing. No tracing or stealing other peoples work!

Reptile category: You can either draw any of our breeder geckos in almost any way[just no anthro] Or you could help design us a logo.[So long as you’re ok with me using it if it wins.] There is also no limit to how many of the geckos you can include in the image. Although if you plan on doing a logo, minimal is preferred for sake of simplicity.

Miscellaneous category: This category involves drawing a cat, human, or a mammal like dragon.[or all, whatever floats your boat]
Kaitou Cat reference by KaitouCat
[you can find a few other references including outfits in the description] Character should be in character! [If you get what I mean]

Or if you feel like a challenge, you can design a corrupt/half corrupt form..
Contact me for details if you wish to do this.

Now I’m quite new to holding contests so if I missed anything or you have a question, feel free to contact me!

Contest ends 10/31/2014! [10pm EST]

Post may be edited in the future.

Current entries

Reptile/logo category

Untitled Drawing by oHails10614396 10152624105777954 8591354267037286686 N by KaitouCat  tumblr inline ncdqkrNFfz1svkxwe by KaitouCat tumblr inline nce0br4dBz1svkxwe by KaitouCatGecko Contest #1 by ScarMuzzle88Gecko Contest #2 by ScarMuzzle88 Rosemary copy by GeckoPrinceContest Gecko by penel0Merlinwatermark by GeckoPrince10744091 10152734762672954 238432315 O by KaitouCattumblr nebxfefqAj1tkcueqo1 1280 by KaitouCat

Miscellaneous category

afdsghjnkl by aphnorways

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